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SYSTRONICS provides Technical Support from two offices, 6 days a week, Sunday through Friday. Normally, a response will be sent to you within a few hours. However, due to time zone differences, please allow at least 12 working hours before our Support Team contacts you. Need a Quick Solution? Help us to help you! Check the list below before sending your support case.

Support cases that are posted online take priority.
Sending support cases by email is suggested when screenshots and other attachments are involved.
Posting support cases on Product Forums has a few advantages, like finding solutions to your issues, asking questions to others, exchanging opinions, responding to others or making suggestions.
Need A Quick Solution?
Please provide us with as many details as you possibly can to help our Support Team with diagnosing your technical issues efficiently:

Sage 300 Version Number:
Sage 300 System Manager version number and service pack number, if any.
Sage 300 Modules Installed:
The list of Sage 300 modules installed along with their version numbers and service pack numbers.
Other Integrated Applications:
3rd party applications installed or external applications integrated with Sage 300. Please specify the respective versions and service pack numbers.
SYSTRONICS Product Version Number:
The version number, service pack number, and build number of the affected SYSTRONICS product. You can find this information in Help -> About in any of the product screens.
Deployment Method:
Standalone, Client-Server (program files on local drive), Workstation Setup (program files on network), Web Interface, Terminal Services.
Operating System:
Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, etc. Please specify the Service Pack applied and whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit.
Database Engine:
Pervasive, MS SQL, etc. Please specify the exact version, what service pack is applied, and whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit.
Error Description:
Error messages, steps that lead to the error, screenshots, and any other information that may help in reproducing the error.